Learn to Track Your Opponents Elixir Bar

You would think what more does a strategic game require than strategy. You are absolutely right!! While strategizing your focus has entirely been on making your deck and the deployment strategies stronger. Apart from this, a vital aspect of strategizing is to keep a track of your opponent’s deck and elixir.

Elixir Counting:

As the game picks up speed the elixir counting attains a vital role in ensuring your wins. The more elixir your card show the more you stand a chance to win. Counting your opponents elixir gives you a lead I two most important ways:

  • Your opponent may be bluffing you by giving strong pushes and taking yours for a ride. When you have a count of the opponent’s elixir you know what they might deploy next and you can tap into the opportunity by playing a complete knockdown approach.
  • You may be planning for a huge elixir push to your opponent while your opponents elixir bar is in low health. You will waste your elixir push in case your opponent doesn’t require such a strong push to be taken down.

Use Elixir as a Winner for your Game:

There is a continuous pull from both opponents to make the opposite end use more and more elixir. Keeping your elixir bar in good health is very important so make sure you don’t waste the elixir. Your counters should be smart. That means you should be able to take down your opponents with strong but low-cost pushes. This is called Elixir advantage where your saved elixir gives you an edge over your opponent. But as the games get stronger so get the players and Elixir advantage is a difficult thing to achieve.

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Wipe your Opponent Off the Field by Tracking his Elixir with these Cool Strategies:

It must sound a little cumbersome task as the deck already has too many stats to keep track off. But let me tell you if you keep a track of your opponents track you can catch him off easily:

  • Its simplified task if you just take down into account what all your opponent has deployed yet. Let’s say the opponent played a Giant and a spear goblin. So with a little math’s you know he just dropped a 5 + 2 Elixir bait.
  • Next, make sure to calculate your deployment Elixir. Let’s say you encountered it with 5 Elixir move so you had an advantage of 2 Elixir.
  • Keep accumulating your Elixir advantage at every move of your opponent and your counter.
  • This strategy helps you make a good trade of the elixir.
  • In a case of the last move, you had a disadvantage of elixir make a calculated move to compensate the last elixir disadvantage.
  • When you know for sure that you have a huge elixir advantage above your opponent go and get his towers he will stand no chance now.
  • Keep a note if your opponent is a big spender on his deck. If he has Golem, Pekka and Elixir Collector that cost him 6 elixir point then he does not have much elixir left for tower protection. If you have 6 or more elixir points right now just push the other lane.
  • After the raging fierce battle going on for a long time the players usually take a break when your opponent has taken a 7 sec wait you know he has a strong push against you now as he has full elixir now. Just make a calculated defensive move.

One thing tastes sour in here is the Elixir Collector. It makes you lose track of the elixir advantage and may confuse you entirely. Just keep a close vigil that’s it to keep track of the Elixir. It may take some fun of the game playing but when you win you get to enjoy all the fun. A little math’s takes you a long way.