Ultimate Guide to Manage Elixir

Managing your Elixir isn’t as tough you are assuming. Do not get misguided that your enemies Elixir fills up faster than yours. Clash Royale Game concept is to treat every player equally. You can master the game when you have full control over the Elixirs you are feeding to your troops.

We are going to share some of the overwhelming unique tips on managing your Elixir. Remember, none of the players have a magic spell to increase or speed up the regeneration process.

*1 Avoid Wastage

There’s a famous saying in the neighborhood of the wall street “If you’re spendings are more than your earnings then you are going down early.

It makes a lot of sense, especially in Clash Royale, where many mid-card level players usually spend more on the Offense during the first 30 seconds. In many cases, your Arena Towers are the potential weapon than your Troops.

The trick is simple when your opponent has deployed a Musketeer or one ground troop, and then you must allow the opponent troop to enter in your space.

When the troop is ready to roll in your space, you should deploy your troop into action. The Arena Tower will respond the troops, while the opposing force is busy in attending to yours.

When the Enemy troops are making its way to attack, deploy your troop right beside it, which will distract it towards your troops. Make sure the enemy troop is within the Arena Tower range so that you can facilitate Arena Tower to attack.

When Arena Tower and your troop is charging on enemy forces, it will speed up the process of elimination.

*2 Arena Troops with Skeleton

When you have more than two Troops to take on with a minimum of 3 or 4 Elixirs, then you should try a combination that does not hurt your Elixir bank and also get the job done. The plan is simple, but the risk is involved in it by taking 200 damage at once, but it’s worth it.


Let the opponent reach within your space, and then deploy the Skeletons from behind to the right, which will work as a distraction. Meanwhile, your Arena Tower will respond to the enemy presence and take action against it. Early elimination is possible, and if things go as planned, then Skeletons will prove to be an effective distraction weapon in your arsenal.

When you have opponent forces within the range of your Arena Tower, now you need a distraction like the Skeletons (1 Elixir), which works perfectly when you deploy it from behind at a distance. The enemy forces will charge towards the Skeleton, which gives an opening for Arena Tower to charge. 

By the time, Enemy forces make to the tower; it will be out of juice. 

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*3 Leaking Elixir

Is your Elixir bar is full? When the game starts, the Elixir bar is full, and the urge to make a grand entry is reasonable, but it decreases your chances to win.

Never rush into blowing things up when your Elixir is full. You should wait until your opponent makes a move. You should use it wisely, or you end up spending more. Several semi-pro bluffs to make you deploy your forces and empty your elixirs, then take your out smartly.

Never let your enemy control your game calling skills. You make your own decisions and take chances, whenever possible.

*4 Deck Combinations

When you unlock an Arena, you have to face the formidable enemy, who has a different set of the deck and it isn’t rare for you to have an unrecognized soldier charging towards you. You should always mix your deck with the latest unlocked troops to keep up to your opponent speed.

Keep a note that while trying a new card, you must identify the cards, which are no longer efficient and replace them with the new one immediately.

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*5 Do Your Home Work and Math

In the deck, there are few cards, which are not worth your time such as,

Goblins: At an expensive cost of 2 Elixirs, you can deploy three goblins into action.

Goblins Hut: At an expensive cost of 5 Elixirs, you can deploy 12 Goblins back to back for 30 seconds. Which is the beneficial option?

End Result: The Goblin hut is a useful option for you.

Remember, you should not waste your resources and must utilize it properly.


We have prepared a guide, which has come from experience and we have used these methods ourselves first. The Skeletons trick only works when you are up against one troop only. Use your deck cards wisely. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section.